If we could change one thing about what we do, we would change the term “sleep train”. When people hear about sleep training or that you’re a Sleep Consultant, they automatically think they will be forced to let their child cry. As your sleep educator, our mission is to find the right method of sleep plan that suits your family and situation. We don’t practice with one program or one method. We educate on many methods and our goal always is for our parents to choose a method that they are comfortable with, provided it’s one that suits their childs personality and temperament.

Babies can’t communicate their complaints like we can in regards to change. Who likes change? When a child is crying it out, more times than not it’s because they are fighting the change that the parent is implementing. Unfortunately we can’t promise you no crying. Chances are, there may be some crying involved in your Sleep Plan. We can promise you that we will work with you in developing a plan that you are comfortable with and ready to do. We will offer you the guidance and support you need to make it through the process. If you have any concerns or questions about this particular subject then please contact us. We will gladly answer any questions and show you how we can develop the proper sleep plan for you and your family.

FAQ- Frequently asked questions about a sleep consultant and sleep training answered

At Good Night Sleep Site, we not only draw on our own extensive experience, but we have also have studied industry research and approved methods. There is more to becoming a sleep consultant than reading a few books and training your own children. Our industry knowledge combined with our natural skills offer you a service that is covered on all sides. We don’t offer one standard method and we will never offer you a Sleep Plan or program in-a-box that we offer everyone else. You also have the benefit of hiring the entire Good Night family when hiring one of our consultants.

Yes you will be working directly with your personal Sleep Consultant but you can be reassured that our entire Good Night team supports and works together as an ultimate sleep machine. An added value to all our clients. All of our plans are 100% customized to your exact situation and comfort level. We pride ourselves in offering support to our clients during and after plans have started. You won’t be given your sleep plan and then never hear from us again. All of our packages provide enough “after” support for any questions or new issues that come up. We take the fact that you put your trust in us and Good Night Sleep Site VERY seriously. We treat every client with the utmost respect and diligence and welcome them into the Good Night family with open arms.

Find out why you should hire a Good Night Sleep Site Consultant

If you have found our site or were referred to us, you have reached your limit. Maybe you don’t know where to start, advice you have been offered in the past hasn’t worked, or you just need someone to guide you and stand beside you through the journey. Our plans are simple and easy to follow, one that any sleep-deprived parent can understand. We help speed up the process a little bit and offer you the ongoing support you need throughout this sleep journey. Look at it as an investment in your child’s sleep habits. We will help you develop positive sleep habits for your child – ones that they will keep forever.
Besides being mothers and successfully sleep training our own children, we have advised and coached countless parents with their children for over 6 years.

All of our Consultants are trained and certified through the Family Sleep Institute. They have also completed Good Night Sleep Site’s extensive Sleep Educator training under Founder and Senior Sleep Consultant Alanna McGinn. We are prepared to offer a quality service to you the parent– one you can trust to get the results you and your child need.

That’s great! We look forward to working with you! Let us help you get started. Once you have chosen and purchased a package, here is what you should expect: Once you have placed your order, you will be directed to our Sleep Questionnaire for you to fill out to get things started. Our questionnaire will include information and history of your child’s sleep issues, your overall sleep goals and what you expect from the Good Night Sleep Site. Upon receiving it back from you completely filled out, we will assess and analyze your information, and within 24 hours we will email you to arrange a convenient time for our initial 60-minute consultation as well as email you our Welcome Package.

Following our hour consult we will email you your written 100% Customized Sleep Plan for you and your child. During our 60-minute phone consultation, we will discuss in detail the sleep issues you have been facing and ask specific questions, listening and analyzing your sleep issues. Your 100% customized Good Night Sleep Plan, one that you will feel comfortable using, that matches your parenting philosophy and baby’s temperament and personality, will be discussed at this point, and we will explain it to you so that you feel confident and knowledgeable about implementing it. You will hang up with a sleep plan that you can implement right away and have the support that will help you succeed in obtaining healthy sleep for your entire family. A small investment in your families sleep health. Follow-up phone calls (15 minutes each), emails, and an online sleep log are also included, which offers support during the initial stages of your new sleep program. Having close contact and support during this time is one of the most important things you can have to get you through this stage. We go above and beyond offering support to our moms and dads. That is an aspect of Good Night Sleep Site we take very seriously and one we pride ourselves in.

Please note that Good Night Sleep Site will make all long distance calls. If you are international and long distance, it will not cost you anything. We will call you.

We absolutely work internationally! Besides having clients from Canada, where we are located, we have helped parents and their children from the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. We place all long distance calls on our end. It won’t cost you a thing! Our payment service is offered through PayPal. Payments and credit card information are secure with PayPal and not stored on our system. PayPal handles all currency conversions and offers conversion rates that are competitive with those of other consumer services.

You DO NOT need a PayPal account to make a purchase through PayPal. PayPal will always provide information on transactions that include a currency conversion before you complete your transaction. For more information, please visit PayPal’s Multiple Currencies.

Do we! S ome of us deal with multiples on a daily basis. Many of our consultants are twin parents. We proudly specialize in multiples and at no extra cost to the parent. We have first-hand experience while also guiding many multiple moms we’ve met along the way. Dealing with one non-sleeper is tough enough. Dealing with two can be impossible at times – WE UNDERSTAND. You will sleep again – trust us! Please note there are no extra costs per packages when dealing with multiples, only with siblings.

We will be here to educate you and support you. We will put you on the right path with the right plan, but you have to do the hard part. You have to implement the plan and stick with it. We don’t like to guarantee time frames – every baby is different with different personalities and temperament – but we can guarantee two things. If you aren’t serious about solving your sleep issues and aren’t consistent in the method and routine we choose together, it won’t work – 100% guaranteed. If you are willing and dedicated to stop this no-sleep cycle with you and your child and will be 100% consistent until your sleep issues are resolved, then your child will be “sleeping like a baby” before you know it. We can guarantee you that!