Ready to Invest in Your Baby’s Sleep?

Baby Sleep Programs

Sleep training support for babies up to one year of age

Baby Sleep Training Online Program

We offer two unique baby sleep programs for parents who want to:

Build Age Appropriate Sleep Schedules

Develop Consistent & Longer Naps

Create a Safe Sleep Environment

Encourage Self-Soothing & Independent Sleep

  • Does your baby struggle to fall asleep on their own? Are you rocking and
    feeding them to sleep every time they go down or wake up?
  • Do you wonder why your baby wakes up crying?
  • Are you experiencing consistent early morning wakings?
  • Does your little one take consistent short naps? 45 minutes or less?
  • Are they waking up frequently throughout the night?

Parenthood doesn’t have to = exhaustion.

We understand how desperate and frustrating weeks (or months) of sleep deprivation can be – and are here to help you address your baby’s sleep challenges and establish healthy nighttime habits so your whole family can get the sleep they need.

DIY Online Baby Sleep Training E-Course

For the do-it-yourself “I just need a plan” parent wanting the information to establish a healthy sleep plan. Best for self-starters seeking a flexible and cost-effective solution.

$147 CDN

SOS 1:1 Baby Sleep Program

A 2-week program for those who need to stay consistent, accountable, and guided! Best for those looking for full support, personal attention and a shorter commitment.

Unsure what you need – or want to talk it through?

As a new mom, I felt confused and uncertain about a lot of things….feeding, bathing, hygiene, sleep! It was the sleep that worried me the most, because it seemed like a different issue altogether.
I had so many questions…like how to know when he’s tired, how often he should be sleeping, when to start with a sleep schedule, what the heck WAS a sleep schedule, what should the sleep routines be, what’s “normal”, and on and on and on. A friend of mine recommended I speak to Alanna, and I can honestly say that all of the many questions that were buzzing around in my brain stopped after only one conversation with her. Her baby sleep programs work. It was simple advice, but it made all the difference. – Laura, Toronto, Ontario

A word about crying

When considering baby sleep programs the thought of your baby crying is the hardest part of sleep training for most parents. The bad news is that it does happen – even with the gentlest methods – but the good news is that it goes away.

It makes sense – you’re about to impose a fairly drastic change on your baby, especially if they’ve been bounced, rocked or fed to sleep until now. This is why support is SO important – and why Good Night Sleep Site exists. Sleep training CAN be tough – but it’s so much easier if you have a plan and the right support, which is exactly what we’re here to provide.

Have a newborn, toddler or need help yourself?