Mini Online Sleep Courses

Good Night Sleep Site’s Mini Online Sleep Courses. An affordable solution to help you get baby to adult sleep on track. Learn more about how our mini online sleep courses can help you or your child sleep better.

Baby sleep schedules and nap routines

Baby Nap and Bedtime Schedules

Multiple sleep schedules for your baby’s first year. Download Good Night Sleep Site’s baby nap and bedtime schedules for babies 4-18 months of age. Choose which baby schedule works best for you with our approved nap approach to guarantee longer and consistent naps.

These baby nap and bedtime schedule downloads gives parents the Good Night sleep tools to help your baby sleep well during their first year and on.

Baby Sleep Training Methods

Baby Sleep Training Methods

Multiple baby sleep training methods with detailed step-by-step instructions for babies first year of age and beyond. Good Night Sleep Site’s approved sleep training approaches to include in your baby’s sleep plan to help your baby sleep through the night.

Download detailed instructions to Good Night Sleep Site’s 3 baby sleep training methods that have worked for thousands of families worldwide. This downloaded guide can help you eliminate your baby’s night wakings and ween night feedings and help your baby become an independent sleeper. Each approach works with multiple parental involvement that you can feel comfortable including in your baby sleep training plan.

Teen Sleep Program

Tween and Teen Sleep Program

Bedtime anxieties and fears can make falling asleep hard for your tween or teen. While creating better sleep habits is important, getting to the root cause of newly developed or always existing night time anxieties and fears and learning how to manage them is an important step. Good Night Sleep Site’s Tween and Teen Sleep Program will help you create amazing bedtime routines, reduce bedtime fears and anxiety’s, and incorporate strong sleep skills for your child.

Our Tween and Teen Sleep Course can help your 8 to 18 year old fall asleep easier and get the healthy sleep they need.

kindergarten sleep help

Back to School Sleep Guide

When our children are well-rested throughout the school year they display better cognitive ability where they are able to learn more rapidly, with better attention, memory and decision-making skills. Better sleep keeps our children safe with stronger fine motor skills, and healthier with a stronger immune system. Not to mention a great night of sleep can ward off hyperactivity, oppositional, and irritable behaviour.

Our Back to School Sleep Guide can help your Kindergartener to Grade 8 get the healthy sleep they need to stay well-rested throughout the school year.