Helping Families Bring Back Bedtime

Alison Macklin

Alison Macklin is a Toronto based Child Sleep Consultant, certified by the Family Sleep Institute, which is one of the most extensive professional certification programs available. She studied Psychology and Sociology at the University of Toronto, and took an interest in child development, but her passion for the world of sleep began when she became a mom. Her daughter wasn’t born a naturally great sleeper and became increasingly difficult to put down, which lead to less sleep and more crying. Exhausted and at her wits end, Alison and her husband sought out the help of a knowledgeable sleep consultant and it was a life changing experience. Her daughter went from being chronically overtired, to falling asleep independently in her own room and sleeping through the night. Since then, she has been hooked on learning everything there is to know about pediatric sleep. Her mission is to help as many families as possible through what she knows can be one of the most difficult periods in life, all while feeling comfortable and confident about their child’s wellbeing and future development.

When working together, Alison will help you to establish healthy and safe sleep practices based on science, to get everyone the rest they need. She works closely with you to formulate a customized sleep solution, all while taking into consideration the unique temperament of your child, creating a plan that takes out all the guess work. She’ll be there, step-by-step, to guide and support you through the process and answer all of your sleep questions. She takes the wellbeing of you and your child to heart and will help find a solution that works for everyone.

In her spare time, Alison enjoys travelling with the family, cooking with her daughter, and spending lots of time outdoors.