Back to School Sleep Program

From Kindergarten to High School

Sleep and being well rested are critical components to your child/tween’s mental health and wellbeing. Now more than ever we need to be focusing on healthy sleep to boost our kids immune systems, cognitive functions, and overall mood and temperament. There are so many developmental and hormonal changes occurring during this time, so helping them to establish a routine and good sleep hygiene can lay the foundation for them getting the sleep their bodies and minds need. This program includes:

  • 1 30-minute phone consult with a Good Night Sleep Site Consultant
  • Our 30-page Back-to-School Handbook that covers:
    • Age appropriate sleep needs education
    • How to create a conducive sleep environment
    • How to address back to school feelings and strategies specific to child’s age.
    • How to conduct a family sleep meeting to reach your family sleep goals
    • How to establish family sleep rules and boundaries around tech
    • How to establish a regular bedtime routine with wind down activities
    • Dealing with nightmares and bedtime anxiety including specific activities and information to work through and support these situations
    • Separate Tween/Teen Sleep Section – Information and strategies more specific to teen sleep including printables.
    • Techniques for bedtime calming for all ages – information and printables on wind down activities other techniques – Some examples are breathing and meditation techniques for all ages, journaling, and yoga and movement for bedtime.