Baby with soother

I’m going to make this short and sweet.  The pacifier, soother, binky, chew chew, whatever you call it – get rid of it.  That’s it really.  Arrivederci, sayonara, ciao, buh-bye.  It’s time to wean the pacifier.

“But why Alanna?”  “He doesn’t really need it anyway, so it’s no big deal that he uses it.” “It’s the only way he falls asleep!”

I’ve heard it all and parents battle me on this all the time so come on, bring it.  I’m ready for it.

Here’s my beef with the with the soother.

If you are in the process of sleep training you are taking all these amazing steps towards independent sleep.  You are working on consolidating naps, having better bedtimes with consistent routines, managing associations like eliminating feeds and rocking to sleep.  Things are going well!  He’s doing great and really adjusting beautifully.  BUT.  And it’s a big BUT.  Everytime that soother falls out you have to go in and put it back in his mouth.  That pesky pacifier is the only obstacle that is still contributing to that fragmented sleep that you are trying so hard to eliminate.  Once we remove that prop your child won’t wake up because he will know how to sleep without it.  It’s that easy!

So how do we get rid of the pacifier?  If your child is older, and can understand more creative concepts then give them away to the paci fairy (a friend of the tooth fairy of course), send them up to outer space, phase it out slowly, or have him give it to a ‘new baby’ that needs them more.  If you are wanting to wean your younger baby off the pacifier, honestly…just stop giving it.  Yep, easy enough, no?  Please remember, babies and children adapt to change so much easier then we as adults do.  It may be a few nights of you pulling out your hair and cursing out my name (it’s okay, it won’t be the first time), but then it’s done and he will just sleep.  He really will.


He will…

Your best route to success?  Choose a date and stick to it.  It’s a transition for all of you so be ready and stay strong. Remember my favorite word! Stay consistent with the wean and you guys will do great!


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