The Only Holiday Sleep Tip Newborn Parents Need to Know


Tis the season of Holiday stress and when you are a parent of a newborn (0-4 months old) you can also be completely overwhelmed with the normal adjustments and life overhaul that a new baby brings.

This is why the only tip I give you this Holiday season is this is the year you can say no.  Simple enough?

Everyone is going to want to see the baby and you may feel the pressures of family and friends to show up to every gathering.  Well this year new parents, you need to pay attention to your own cues not just your baby’s.  As I mentioned before, in the beginning things can feel pretty overwhelming.  You’re not working on a lot of sleep, maybe you’re still working on establishing a good feeding relationship, and the last thing you want to do is be thrust into a room full of family and friends, who while they mean well, may do more harm than good.  We also have to factor in that at this age your baby can become over stimulated through the simplest of acts.  When first born their nervous system isn’t fully developed so things like getting passed around too much, spoken to too much, even looked at too much can spiral them into overstimulation and then the cycle begins.  An over stimulated baby has a harder time falling asleep and then becomes an overtired baby, and well we know how that plays out.

So this is the year you can say no.  No, we will not be going to every gathering.  No, we don’t want anyone over today.  No, I will not be baking your favourite shortbread cookies this year.  Next year there will be plenty of time for yes.  Christmas with a toddler is exciting and fun!  I’ll save my tips on “how to avoid toddler demolition of your Christmas tree” for then.

Happy Holidays!


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