A good night sleep starts at bedtime. And its time to bring back bedtime.

Due to our busy lives and pure exhaustion, we are often rushing through our children’s bedtime. Adults are craving to have a few minutes to ourselves before we flop into bed completely sleep deprived. When focusing on better sleep for kids, we need to start with a simple step – its time to bring back bedtime.

Bedtime creates the groundwork for a solid night of sleep for you and your child. Children need healthy sleep for better cognitive ability, a stronger immune system, less behavioural problems, and sharper motor skills.

We tend to overlook how important the quality of time we spend with our children and focus on the quantity of time we spend with them. Bedtime is the perfect opportunity to slow down.  Disconnect from distractions and spend time connecting with those who matter. Your family. Bedtime can be a time to bond and build attachment with your child. This will help your child fall asleep filled with positive connections and help them fall asleep with less battles, and less nightly wake ups. There isn’t a need to seek your attention at night when they have received it throughout out the day or at bedtime.

Struggling with frequent baby and children sleep issues? Our sleep consultants can help your baby or toddler sleep better tonight.

It’s time to #BringBackBedtime. Good Night Sleep Site has created this free resource for you and your family with our sleep tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your child’s bedtime tonight.

Baby Sleep Needs Infographic