When people ask me about what I do and how Good Night Sleep Site can help, the first question I get is almost always the same. “Do I have to let my baby cry”? This questions makes ME want to cry, as it perpetuates one of the biggest myths out there about sleep coaching. Unfortunately, many people still believe that all it involves is leaving a baby in a room, alone, to cry herself to sleep. This misses the biggest piece of sleep coaching. And that’s the schedule.

Importance Of Timing

In a high number of cases we work with, the reason a child is crying so excessively at sleep times is due to one of the following reasons.

  • Being kept up too long.
  • Lack of sleep, making them overtired.
  • Being forced to nap or go to bed against their natural circadian rhythms.

As important as self-soothing skills are, what’s even more important—and what must come first—is an age appropriate schedule. Often just making subtle, but consistent changes to the child’s day will significantly eliminate a great deal of the crying at naps and bedtime. So no, you absolutely don’t have to “just let them cry.” But as we give your child the gift of sleep, we do need to keep in mind the best way to get her there. And for that, timing is everything.

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Written by a Good Night Sleep Site Consultant.

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