In episode 6 we discussed how we need to implement a safe, consistent, and conducive sleep environment, in episode 9 we talked all things naps, when to have them and how to make them longer, then in episode 21 we spoke about the importance of an age appropriate bedtime and sometimes just by tweaking that one thing evenings wakings can disappear. Finally we get to our 4th sleep tool – the method, the way we can finally break any final sleep associations, and wean out and final night feeds. You may be asking yourself, why are we only including this sleep tool now and it’s important to understand that while it’s often the first or only thing we think about when deciding to sleep train, the method is actually the smallest piece of the sleep training puzzle therefore we spend less time talking about it. It’s important to understand that we need to also apply the first 3 sleep tools, often just by doing this we can improve your child’s sleep, and if all you are doing is creating a sleep training plan with just choosing a method it’s not going to work.

In choosing a plan you must be comfortable with following it so that you can be consistent. Sleep Expert Alanna McGinn shares different sleep training methods that you can choose to include in your baby’s sleep plan.


1. In this article they found that letting the baby “cry it out” was similarly effective to other sleep training techniques – “Allowing the baby to “cry it out” was similarly effective, although parents often find this method more stressful.”
2. This is another study that discusses CIO (unmodified extinction) – and in the end they did not find any specific behavioural sleep training technique better than another.

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