Sleep Expert Alanna McGinn speaks with Family Doctor Dr. Stephanie Liu and answers new parent medical questions. Stephanie practices community family medicine and acute care at the University of Alberta Hospital. Alanna has had the pleasure of contributing to Stephanie’s popular blog over at and today Stephanie answers your top child medical questions!

This is the perfect episode for pregnant moms and new parents. Tag your favourite soon-to-be or new parents as we dive into:

• Is sleep training safe?
• When can baby go the whole night without a feed?
• What to expect from your baby’s visit with their doctor?
• When to introduce peanuts?
• When to introduce solids to a baby?
• How to treat constipation?
• Should you vaccinate your baby?
• What are the real risks of screen time?


Links From This Segment:

Meet Family Doctor – Dr. Stephanie Liu


1. In this article they found that letting the baby “cry it out” was similarly effective to other sleep training techniques – “Allowing the baby to “cry it out” was similarly effective, although parents often find this method more stressful.”
2. This is another study that discusses CIO (unmodified extinction) – and in the end they did not find any specific behavioural sleep training technique better than another.

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