Sleep Training Methods 101

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You are ready to sleep train, but the information out there can be overwhelming and discouraging. Which sleep training method should you choose? Not to worry, sleep training doesn’t need to be so hard! Often when we think of sleep training we think we need to choose the method and that’s the only thing we [...]

Sleep Train Your Baby: What Age To Start?

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This is one of the most common questions I’m asked as a sleep consultant. Is there a magical age to sleep train your baby? What if I start sleep training too late? What if I start too early? How soon is too soon? Google “baby sleep training” and you’ll find lots of articles, advice and [...]

Why Does Sleep Training Make My Child More Tired?

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Sometimes during the first week of sleep training you may be wondering "why does sleep training make my child more tired?" It may seem odd that now that your child is getting more sleep and better quality sleep it's getting tougher and tougher to keep them awake. What happens in your child’s body when he [...]

Be Confident In Your Sleep Training Decisions

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This is a guest blog post that one of my past clients wrote for me. I am so proud of all that she accomplished with sleep training her son and her confidence in that decision. I really wanted her to share her story with you. - Alanna Until recently I was not confident in my [...]

It’s Time to Wean the Pacifier

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I'm going to make this short and sweet.  The pacifier, soother, binky, chew chew, whatever you call it - get rid of it.  That's it really.  Arrivederci, sayonara, ciao, buh-bye.  It's time to wean the pacifier. "But why Alanna?"  "He doesn't really need it anyway, so it's no big deal that he uses it." "It's [...]

Cry It Out or No Cry? Which Sleep Training Method to Use and How to Choose

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When working with parents one of the most important thing to decide and support is the sleep training method we will use during the process.  There are many methods to choose from.  I list 4 common approaches parents can take when sleep training and the best ways to decide which works best for your family. [...]