Easter Basket Gift Ideas

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Easter is just around the corner and hopefully so is the warmer weather and longer doses of that golden sunshine. If you looking for some Easter basket gift ideas for your toddler or young child, we have some options that they will not only love, but would be great additions to any quiet time, nap time [...]

Getting Through A Toddler Sleep Strike

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Often we see toddler sleep regressions happen to even the best of sleepers. When clients contact me regarding the toddler sleep strike happening at home, I first make sure sleep basics are being promoted. […]

Better Sleep For Kids – Bring Back Bedtime

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A good night sleep starts at bedtime. And its time to bring back bedtime. Due to our busy lives and pure exhaustion, we are often rushing through our children's bedtime. Adults are craving to have a few minutes to ourselves before we flop into bed completely sleep deprived. When focusing on better sleep for kids, [...]

Meditation For Children

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If you’ve recently discovered meditation as a great way to relax before bed, you’re not alone. It is one of the most commonly suggested methods for helping people fall asleep and quieting their minds. You may be wondering if you can practice meditation with your kids to help them fall asleep faster as well. The [...]

Early Bedtime and Bedtime Routines for Your Toddler

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What if I told you there are steps you can take to eliminate nightly bedtime battles before you even leave your child's bedroom? Part 1 of Toddler Sleep Help explains how practicing an early bedtime and consistent bedtime routine can help eliminate common bedtime struggles associated with toddler sleep issues. Early Bedtime is Necessary It's [...]

The 1 Thing You Must Do When Starting Daycare

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When I'm asked "my child is starting daycare, what should I do?" the one piece of advice I give is make bedtime earlier for the first few weeks. You have to understand that when we go through major transitions we could all use some extra sleep. When our little ones are getting adjusted to a [...]

A Valentine’s Day Bedtime Routine Door Hanger for Your Little One

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Savvymom.ca lists our heart shaped door hanger as one of their 42 Valentine's Day Lovelies.  A fun and creative way for your child to visually go through their bedtime routine.  Helping you kiss them good night and walk out of their room with less struggles and more smiles.   Follow Alanna on Facebook and Twitter for daily sleep tips and [...]