Why Parents Need To Get Back To School Ready Too

Have you started back to school shopping for your kids yet? Chances are you’ve started watching for sales and have maybe even registered your child for some Fall activities.

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Helping Your Anxious Child Fall Asleep And Be Ready For School

It is so important for your child to start off a new school year well-rested. A well-rested child will display better cognitive abilities, a more pleasant mood and temperament as well as a stronger immune system. But even if you are making sure that your child’s sleep environment and bedtime are appropriate, that doesn’t always ...

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How To Get Your Kids Sleep Ready For Back To School

We know it can be bittersweet when Fall clothes, backpacks and lunch bags show up in stores

Getting your Napper Ready for Full Day Kindergarten

Time goes by so fast, and before you know it, you are getting your little one ready for full day Kindergarten. This is a big transition for both child and parent. It’s certainly an exciting time, but there is the stress of change, and it can take time for your child to adjust to their ...

Alanna McGinn – CTV Your Morning Sleep Segment

Your Morning Sleep Segment - Sleep Tips for the Entire Family for Back to School I sat down with Melissa Grelo on the Your Morning sleep segment and we covered all the bases of healthy sleep for the entire family. How to help your napper transition to kindergarten. How to encourage your teen to sleep ...

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Alanna McGinn on the CHCH Parenting Panel

CHCH Parenting Panel - Back to School Sleep Health I had the pleasure of joining Julie Cole from Mabel's Labels and Annette Hamm from CHCH Morning Live on their Parenting Panel. We chatted about how to get the entire family on sleep track for back to school. View the segment to get your family's sleep ...

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8 Steps to a Healthy Back to School Sleep Routine

Get Your Kids Healthy Back to School Sleep The endless lazy summer days filled with family, sun, surf, and sand is fantastic. But it can also take away your family’s usual sleep routine. For two months, bedtimes are pushed out later, and morning lay-ins are the norm. It’s not surprising that when kids head back ...

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Snack and Lunch Ideas for Back-to-School

Are you looking for the best back to school snack and lunch ideas? The start of the school year means the start of daily lunches. Ugh. I. Dread. It. I always start off organized. Lunches are made at night, I binge cook and bake and stock up the freezer. Things start off well. Strong. I ...

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