Balancing Life with Healthy Sleep for Your Child

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Once you’ve got your little one on solid footing with respect to having a healthy relationship with sleep, it can be challenging to test the waters and step away from the routine and schedule that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.  And really, when things are going well from a sleep perspective, who in their [...]

Toddler Sleep Challenges

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Even those parents who would call their baby a super sleeper get baffled by the changes and challenges that come with toddler sleep. Because the age range for these toddler sleep challenges can vary quite a bit, I won't acknowledge a specific age in terms of months for this article. However, I absolutely will acknowledge [...]

Is it Okay to Take a Nap and How to Nap Properly – The Goods

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I was back on CBC The Goods answering the question - should I take a nap? I answered that and shared my top nap hacks like: Cold water nap recovery Creating the perfect nap environment How to take a nappuccino Nap + hammock = sleep win! You can watch the segment here at the 28.38 mark. [...]

Healthy Sleep For Your Baby Without the Guilt

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Craving healthy sleep for your baby doesn’t have to come with a side of guilt. Sleepless nights are synonymous with the early weeks of parenting. Almost a rite of passage. An expected, but completely unprepared for how bone-numbing tiring it can actually be, rite of passage Sleep, or lack thereof, is quite commonly one of [...]

How to Nap Properly – Make Sure You’re Doing it Right

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Ready to take a nap? Make sure you know how to nap properly. There is no debating that naps are glorious. They can revitalize you, boost energy and productivity and set you on the right foot for the day. But did you know that there’s a right and wrong way to nap properly? Follow these [...]

Thinking of Making a Nap Transition?

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To transition or not transition, that is very frequently the question.  Whether it be dropping the catnap, transitioning from two naps per day to one, or moving away from naps altogether, my advice is always to be thoughtful in your approach and patient with the process, whichever nap transition it may be. As a parent, [...]

Why Your Baby Cries When They Wake Up

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I was recently asked by Catherine from Cat & Nat a great question and one that I'm asked frequently. “If my baby wakes up crying does it mean that they are still tired?” Why Your Baby Cries When They Wake Up If your baby wakes up screaming and crying there are likely 3 things going on: [...]