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Congratulations! Your family is on their way to sleep success and we at Good Night were so honoured to be part of your journey. We value our clients and their Good Night experience and we would appreciate if you could take a moment to share with us what you thought about our time together.

As mentioned in our Welcome Package we appreciate any referrals you can give. Please feel free to spread the word about our services and the consultant you worked with to other parents struggling with sleep and their children. Here are a few ways you can:

1) Podcast:
‘Subscribe’ to the This Girl Loves Sleep Podcast hosted by Good Night Sleep Site's president Alanna McGinn. Alanna answers your burning sleep questions to help your entire family sleep better. On iTunes: This Girl Loves Sleep. On Spotify: This Girl Loves Sleep. Screen shot and share the episode you love with your friends!

2) Instagram:
Follow us on Instagram where we share more sleep tips and follow our Insta Stories for a behind the scene look at Good Night Sleep Site: @GNSleepSite.

3) Facebook:
‘Like’ our Facebook page for more sleep information and advice: Good Night Sleep Site. Share it with your friends and please take a moment and write a short review where shown on the right hand side of the page’s wall.

4) Google and Yelp Review:
We have recently opened up a Yelp page and a testimonial on that page would be greatly appreciated! Also Google Good Night Sleep Site and give us a Google review too!

5) Online Mom Groups and Babycenter:
We would appreciate a tag in your local online parenting group OR on Babycenter when tired parents are looking for sleep help. We appreciate your word of mouth and look forward to helping more families sleep better as we've helped your own.

6) League of Moms:
League of Moms is a great directory of services vetted by moms and Good Night Sleep Site is listed as a vendor. Head over to find services to help you during pregnancy and birth, for your newborn through to your toddler and leave Good Night Sleep Site your review!

You can include a written testimonial to include on our site, newsletter, and social media right here! Please feel free to share your experience with Good Night Sleep Site and if you would like include a picture you can.

We are always accepting video testimonials. Please email it directly to your sleep consultant.


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