Nap queen – that’s me! I never gave up my naps, in fact in grade one, I cried after the first week because they didn’t let us put our heads down on our desk for a short nap. If I had 10 minutes after school, before dance class – I would nap.
In our corporate lunch and learns, and when I am speaking to high school students, I always tell them that if a nap is affecting their night sleep, don’t nap! For me, I could nap in the afternoon and still get a solid 8 hours at night… so I didn’t think the naps were affecting me.
For the past few months I have been really tired. After speaking with my doctor, he challenged me not to nap. His thoughts were that the nap was affecting my restorative sleep at night. I was sleeping – but not deeply. Begrudgingly I accepted his challenge, and although I hate to admit it, I am sleeping sooooo much more soundly at night and I do have more energy. I didn’t even hear my husbands alarm go off this morning!
I can’t say that I am done with naps, but I will limit them to 15-20 minutes if needed.


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