I have been speaking with so many adults since the beginning of March; since the start of Covid 19 here in Ontario. They’ve had trouble falling asleep and they’ve had trouble staying asleep. I have shared my tips for better sleep hygiene, but I want to dive into my suggestion of journaling a little more. To every person I talk to, I suggest keeping a journal beside the bed. I suggest writing all of your thoughts, to do lists, worry lists etc before bed – and then close the book on them. I reached out to Lisa Napper, ND and asked her to tell us more about journalling and what she calls a “brain dump”.


What is a brain dump?

This is a specific journaling activity in which the goal is to just clear your mind. There are no real rules to it other then to just let your thoughts flow without any judgement. You may find it helpful to write a prompt at the top the of page like “I’m feeling ….” Or any other prominent thought you’ve be repeating. Let the words flow from there. Often it may be a little slow to start, but I find the thought flow usually takes over and before I know it I have written many pages.


What do I do with the information?

You can read back through it, although I almost never do. Just the process of doing the mind dump itself usually leaves me feeling much more peaceful. You may find it more therapeutic to rip up the papers you have just written and throw them out, or even burn them, symbolizing more of a release.

When is the best time of day to do this?

Many people may find this useful in the evenings as part of their wind down routine. Of course if you are feeling anxious you may do this at any time of the day.

Is there anything you want to add?

Many people think of journaling or mind dump actives as all or nothing. Meaning they have to do it daily to see the benefit. I don’t see this to be true. There may be times in your life when you need to journal daily and times when you need to only on occasion. There is no right or wrong way to use this helpful tool.


Do you journal? Let me know!


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