Helping Families Bring Back Bedtime

Leah Walkty

Leah Walkty is a certified Child Sleep Consultant and a Good Night Sleep Site Educator. For over 10 years, Leah has worked with families as a Registered Midwife, delivering over a thousand babies. She has seen firsthand how important sleep is for the mental and physical health of parents and their families. 

Leah believes in empowering families to make the right decisions for themselves. She will provide you with evidence based information, strategies, tools and holistic support to your family based around your values and parenting style. She will customize support to fit your needs as a family in order to achieve more sleep for everyone. 

A sleep coach can help you with improving bedtime and nap routines, reducing nighttime wakings, improving early wakings and setting an age appropriate sleep schedule. Leah’s wealth of knowledge, experience, education and passion for all things sleep related will help you achieve your own unique sleep goals.

When Leah is not engaged in pursuing her passion of working with families, she loves to relax by hosting dinner parties with her chef husband, walking her husky Skye and going to yoga.

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