How to Handle Illness & Sleep Regressions

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It's that crisp time of year when leaves are changing and weather fluctuating. Fall allergens, unpredictable weather, and back-to-school germs are tough on little immune systems. But when it comes to sleep, how should we deal with illness and other disruptions like sleep regressions? Coughs, Colds & Fever When our little ones are unwell, it’s [...]

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5 Words Your Baby is Saying

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All newborn babies communicate by using five sounds. Learn how to decode your baby's language. When your baby first comes home, it's a transition for everyone. Your baby is figuring out the world around her. She's gone from a warm, comfortable space where she didn't have to know how to breath, ask for food, or [...]

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What You Should Know about Baby Sleep as a New Parent

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So you’re about to have a baby or you have a new little bundle who has just moved in. Likely you’ve been wading in a sea of information on what you need to know as a new parent. You’ve sat through courses, or asked moms you know, or have joined a pregnancy forum and you’re [...]

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4 Bedtime Musts

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Updated: Apr 1 1. Turn Up the Quiet Babies have just come from an incredibly loud womb. If you want to set your baby up for the best sleep possible, use white noise. Not all white noise is created equal. Some machines and apps can have a mechanical-like sounds, which can be jarring and grating and [...]

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