Press Kit

Alanna McGinn is the mother of three wonderful children (1 + twins!) and the wife of an amazing husband. She is Founder and Senior Sleep Consultant of Good Night Sleep Site, Parent Prep Educator, and Representative and Director for the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants (IACSC). She created Good Night Sleep Site because she understands. She was there in the sleepless trenches that you are in right now and what she wouldn’t have done to have an expert and educator along for her journey! Through her research and sleep instincts she was able to create a sleep plan that worked for her daughter and then her twins, and then families worldwide. When she’s not on route to the bus stop or tripping over fire trucks and tea sets, she and her team are working with families to overcome their sleep challenges. You can follow her expert advice in national publications like:

  • Today’s Parent
  • Yummy Mummy Club
  • PBS Kids
  • Canadian Living
  • Canadian Family
  • Livestrong
  • New Parent
  • City Parent
  • Oh Baby Magazine

She also provides expert sleep advice at and