Seminars and Workshops

Do you run a business geared towards infants and children? Do you think your customers could benefit from professional sleep help for their kids?  Good Night Sleep Site holds seminars and workshops at child friendly locations like clothing boutiques, toy stores, indoor playgrounds, daycares, and schools.

If you would be interested in having one of our Sleep Site Seminars at your locations please contact us and we would be happy to work with you in creating one.

“Thanks so much! I learned a lot yesterday and after a lot of perseverance last night was the first night in a long while our 7mth old did not share our bed . He settled down around midnight and slept through to 7 am and I had to wake him! Just put him down for his first nap no problems!”

 “My LO was not a bad sleeper, but not a great afternoon napper so thought I’d try it after your advice … instead of fighting his tiredness, he relaxed instantly and although wide-eyed when I put him in his crib, he was able to put himself to sleep.  Thank you! and special thanks to Momstown for hosting this incredibly informative event!”

It’s a fact.  A well-rested employee makes a more efficient and productive employee.  An investment in getting your new parent employees better rested will be one you won’t regret.  Contact Good Night Sleep to discuss our Corporate Seminars and Workshops. We can discuss both child and/or adult sleep and work towards total wellness for your entire staff.


Our seminars and lunch and learns include information and advice on the following:

Option 1: New Parents

  • Expectations on baby to preschool sleep needs.
  • When and how to choose the right method of sleep training for your family.
  • Safe sleep for baby.
  • Setting up your environment for sleep success.
  • Managing sleep associations.
  • Taming toddler bedtimes battles.
  • Handouts and FREE Tricks of The Sleep Trade e-book as added resource.

“I am so happy to say he had two 1.5 hour naps today! I’m not sure what has happened to my boy but I’m loving it! Thanks to Good Night Sleep Site! I heard so many of good tips yesterday and I put them to use.”

“I was at your seminar yesterday. I followed your advice and no battle, and he slept 11 hours! Awesome advice, thank you!”

Option 2: Adult Sleep Needs

  • Expectations on adult sleep needs.
  • The importance of sleep to the employer, employee, and overall company wellness.
  • Good Night’s top 10 tips on proper sleep hygiene, which will get you sleeping longer and more restoratively.
  • Sleep disorders and the signs to look for.
  • Shift work and jet lag – getting through it better rested.

If you’ve used Good Night services or have been referred to us from a past client please feel free to include our information to your company’s wellness programs and contacts. We would greatly appreciate it and would be happy to assist you with your sleep needs. 

Good Night Sleep Site speaks at many daycares and preschools and works with school councils in bringing sleep awareness and sleep health to your organizations. We work with you and speak on age appropriate sleep fundamentals for your children and their parents. Good Night Sleep Site also works with The American Academy of Sleep Medicine and teaches from their Sleep Education for School programs.

Sleepy moms tend to hang out with other sleepy moms.


Good Night Sleep Site has the perfect solution for you!

Invite us to your next Play Group!  We’ll come to your home for a 1.5-hour private group session and speak to you all about infant and toddler sleep and any sleep topic of your choice.

We are here to answer your sleep questions and set you on the right path to sleep success. This is an inexpensive way to help you with your sleep needs and have a fun play date at the same time!

Cost is $45 per person, 5 person minimum. 8 people or more and the Host is free! Please contact Good Night Sleep Site to see if there is a Consultant in your area and to book your next Sleep Session Slumber Party!

With your busy daily lives and being home with the kids, it can be tough to find a time where everyone can get together. Good Night Sleep Site makes that easy for you.

We will help you organize a 1.5-hour online group conference call with you and 4 of your friends at a time that is convenient for all of you.
You can organize a private group session where we will speak to you about infant and toddler sleep and any sleep topic of your choice. We are here to answer your sleep questions and set you on the right path to sleep success.

This is an inexpensive way to help you and your friends with your sleep needs and you don’t even have to leave the house!

Cost is $35 per person, 4 person minimum and 5 person maximum. Book all 5 and the organizer is free! Please contact Good Night Sleep Site to book your next Online Group Sleep Session Slumber Party!

Contact Good Night Sleep Site for more information about the process of this conference call.

*Bookings are available upon availability of Consultant.