Your Secret Weapon to Get Rid of Wrinkles


Get Rid of Wrinkles Without Any Expensive Creams


In the hustle and bustle of daily life raising a family, moms often put themselves lowest on the priority list. Well it’s about time that changed, and there are some easy ways to up the self-care game overnight. There’s a reason they call it beauty sleep.

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Silk: It’s not Just for Lingerie Anymore

Yes, they’re a little pricey, but if you’re fighting desert-like skin and frizzy hair, a silk pillowcase may be worth the investment. Silk is less absorbent than cotton, which will leave your face moisturized throughout the night and not strip away your (expensive) facial night creams. Added bonus: Kiss your frizz goodbye! Your hair won’t go through a night of rubbing, catching, and tangling but will glide across silk pillowcase’s smooth surface.

The Perfect Position to Sleep to Fight Wrinkles

If you’re wary of surgery or Botox but want to get rid of wrinkles, changing the position you sleep in can help protect your skin. Sorry stomach or side sleepers, for optimal skin health it’s time to make a change, roll over, sleep on your back, and have gravity work in your skin’s favour. Sleeping on your back will not only eliminate the morning puffiness, but you’ll also avoid those sleep lines from your pillow, which can take longer to fade as you age. Sleeping on your back is the best position for your back’s alignment (which is already a great reason to change), add in the fact that it will give you a natural facelift and help prevent lines and wrinkles – and it’s a no-brainer!

Sleep More, Diet Less

One of the best diet and weight loss tips out there has nothing to do with what you eat. It’s all about getting a good night’s sleep. Studies have confirmed the link between sleeping and eating and evidence suggests that when sleep deprived, our appetite increase causing us to overindulge in both calories and carbohydrates. Chronic sleep loss leads to a decrease in levels of the appetite-suppressing hormone leptin – the one that your body uses to signal your brain that you’re full. Another way that lack of sleep can sabotage your diet is because sleepiness can lead to sugar cravings. If that isn’t bad enough, lack of sleep can lead to insulin resistance and because your body can’t effectively get the sugar out, it craves more sugar in a vicious cycle that can lead to obesity and diabetes in addition to exhaustion.

To combat this, stick to consistent sleep patterns with 7-8 hours of sleep nightly and maintain a healthy and nutritious diet and your weight will be much easier to maintain.

Pamper Yourself – You Deserve It!

If your usual bedtime routine consists of dragging your butt to bed an hour later than planned, and (if you’re lucky) remembering to take off your makeup, you need a bedtime intervention. Bedtime should be eagerly anticipated and a chance to wind down from your hectic day. Instead of watching that extra episode on Netflix, #BringBackBedtime by trying a relaxing bath with lavender oil, and maybe even some candles. When your body becomes overtired it becomes stressed, and stress releases a hormone called cortisol. Too much cortisol can break down skin collagen, which is the protein that keeps skin smooth and elastic; which means that lack of sleep (and more stress) can equal more wrinkles. Make sure to keep your skin fresh and glowing by always removing your makeup before bed, exfoliating regularly, and never forgetting to moisturize!

Finally, don’t forget your mind needs its beauty rest too. Try incorporating meditation into your bedtime routine, or start to journal to help you focus on the positive – before bed each night write down 3 positive things about your day. Many people find that writing down their worries helps them fall asleep more easily. You could even try colouring as an electronics free way to unwind before bedtime.

Your days may age you (especially if you have toddlers or teenagers), but if you follow the advice above, your nights can help you turn back the clock (and maybe even the scale). So go run a bath, slip some silk pillowcases on your pillows, write in your journal, and get a great night’s sleep.


Alanna McGinn

Alanna McGinn is a Certified Sleep Consultant and Founder of Good Night Sleep Site – a Global Pediatric and Family Sleep Team. She provides free child and family sleep support through her FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. She invites you to join her sleep community as she works towards Good Night Sleep Site’s mission of a healthier rested family unit. For more sleep tips please visit Good Night Sleep SiteJoin our movement and #BringBackBedtime.


Alanna McGinn
Alanna McGinn
Alanna McGinn is Founder and Certified Sleep Expert of Good Night Sleep Site, a global sleep consulting practice. She is host of the ‘This Girl Loves Sleep’ Podcast and author of ‘This Baby Loves Sleep’. Alanna has established the world-wide brand of Good Night Sleep Site as being a #1 sleep resource for families and her and her team of sleep consultants strive in helping families (baby to adults) and corporations overcome their sleep challenges and have well-rested smiles in the morning. You can find out more about Alanna McGinn and how to work with a Good Night Sleep Consultant at www.goodnightsleepsite.com and follow Alanna and all her sleep tips on Instagram - @GNSleepSite.

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