How To Dress Baby For Sleep In The Summer

how to dress baby for sleep in the summer

One question that the Good Night Sleep Site team gets from parents quite frequently is how to dress baby for sleep in the summer at night. While most people know how they like to dress for sleep in the summer, they aren’t sure if the same rules apply to their little ones. Keep reading for some helpful specifics when it comes to dressing baby for sleep on warmer nights.

What Baby Should Wear For Summer Sleep

Should we still use sleepsacks? Yes, you can still use them in the summer—and you should! There are many lightweight sleepsacks available, but I actually really love a wool sleepsack in the summer. (And I’m sure you’re now thinking—“Did she just write wool for the summer?”) I did! Wool is a great body temperature regulator, both in the cold months and the warm ones. Though wool sacks are definitely on the pricier side, they are a great investment, in that they can be worn for a few years, are high quality, and hold up very well over time with the proper care, making it unnecessary to invest in a bunch of other lower quality ones. Woolino and Merino Baby are two excellent brands. (And in case you’re wondering, you do not have to dry clean a wool sleepsack. I wash ours on delicate on the cold cycle and then let them air dry.)

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Should we use a onesie or footed pajamas? That is the question. To which I answer, either! For children who are often sleeping in air conditioning or in a cooler nighttime summer climate, their small bodies can get cool at night. A baby’s circulatory systems focuses mainly on keeping the chest cavity warm during sleep, which means extremities can often get cooler. I love the bamboo cotton footed pajamas made by KicKee Pants. They are soft and lightweight but do the job in terms of keeping those arms and legs warm. Their footed pajamas go up to size 4T.

how to dress baby for sleep in the summer

For babies who sleep in non-air conditioned environments where it can stay sticky at night, opt for a short-sleeved onesie under a sleepsack.

But what if their hands and feet feel cold? See my note about their circulation above. Don’t use the way their hands or feet feel to determine how hot or cold they might be running. A great temperature check is by checking the back of their neck. If it is cool and dry, you can feel confident that they are not too hot. Also, trust your baby! If he or she is really uncomfortable, she will let you know. But if you take the steps above, you can rest easy that temperature will be just fine.  Dressing your baby appropriately helps to create a perfect sleep environment that will support your little one getting the restful and restorative sleep they need.

Written by Good Night Sleep Site Consultant.

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Alanna McGinn
Alanna McGinn
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