Motion Sleep

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What is motion sleep? 

Sleeping in a car seat, stroller or swing in movement are all examples of motion sleep. This is when a child falls asleep from the rhythmic movement. Many parents say that is the only way they are able to get their little one to sleep. We have all done it at one time or another!

However, motion sleep is not restorative sleep. It puts and keeps your baby into a light sleep in which they are still aware of what is going on. This type of sleep does not allow them to go into the next sleep cycle which will provide deep quality sleep.

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There are times when motion sleep will happen because life happens, but always try to make crib sleep a priority to allow your child to get the good stuff. This is where they will get the healthy sleep that will restore their little minds and bodies.

Motion sleep is comparable to junk food or what is called “junk sleep”. Have you ever been hungry and grabbed a bag of chips to tide you over until the next meal? Then, when it is time to sit down and eat a healthy meal, you aren’t hungry anymore so you skip over the good stuff. I actually have a name for this type of sleep, I call it “potato chip” sleep.

Crib or bassinet sleep is also the safest sleep. The car seat, stroller, and swing were not intended for sleep and can be dangerous for a sleeping child.

When offering sleep, I recommend following the ABC’s of sleep

A: ALONE-Sleeping alone means without any blankets, stuffed animals or bumper pads. There should be nothing in the crib but a firm mattress with a tight fitted sheet and baby. It may not look fancy like you see in advertisements, but it is the safest way to put your baby to bed.

B: On their BACKS-When you put your baby into the crib always put them on their backs. This is the safest sleep position for your baby.

C: In a CRIB or bassinet-This is the safest place for your baby to sleep.  Make sure the crib is a certified crib and there are no recalls on it.

You can read more about safe sleep here.

Besides motion sleep not being restorative, falling asleep in motion is a sleep association.  A sleep association is an action or object that all of us use to prepare us or help us to fall asleep. We all have sleep associations. I know for me; I arrange my pillows in a certain way. Then, I rearrange my pillows, each time I wake up.

If your child falls asleep while being rocked or held, when they wake up during the night or while transitioning sleep cycles during naps, they will “call” out to you to help them go back to sleep again.

If you need help transitioning your little one from motion sleep to crib sleep, reach out for a free 15-minute consultation. You can email me at lynn@goodnightsleepsite.com.

Sleep Consultant Lynn Matuszewski
Sleep Consultant Lynn Matuszewski
Lynn Matuszewski is certified through the Family Sleep Institute (FSI) as a Child Sleep Consultant a and trained Good Night Sleep Site Educator. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Early Education with a major in Learning and Behavior Disorders. She has a background in healthcare outreach where she educates members in closing Gaps in Care and assisting members in overcoming barriers in receiving care. Lynn has a passion for helping families in achieving a healthy sleep foundation which is a vital aspect of living a healthy life. Sleep is as important as nutrition and exercise. Raising her children and watching her children raise her grandchildren, she knows the importance of a good night sleep for both our babies as well as parents. Well rested families are healthier and happier. Good Night Sleep Site (GNSS) provided a perfect place for Lynn to help families reach their sleep goals because of their respect for the personality of each family. No two families look alike, making each sleep plan tailored to the needs of the family. Lynn will assist your family find a customized method that corresponds with your family values and temperament. Lynn also found it important that GNSS is committed to following the safe sleep recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) when working with families. Lynn is a proud mother and grandmother. There is so much more to the story behind the titles of mother and grandmother. She is a biological mother, adopted mother, step-mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother. Although these terms sound like labels, that is very far from the truth she lives. Each one of those titles has a beautiful story that made her the mother and grandmother she is today. Lynn’s has a wonderful family that came together making a perfect blend. Lynn was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. When she is not working Lynn loves to spend time with family and friends. She also enjoys spending time traveling, kayaking, biking, and enjoying the beautiful water front of Buffalo with her husband. Lynn believes that when your family is well rested, you can better handle the day to day challenges that every family face. When your family is well rested every individual will have the energy to learn and grow at their optimal level. Good sleep habits do not come naturally, they are learned. When you teach your child how to sleep, you are giving your child the gift that will last a lifetime. Your child has so much to see and learn, Lynn wants to help your family reach the stars while you learn healthy sleep habits.

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