Summer Heat and Sleep

Summer Heat and Helping Them Get Their Best Sleep

The summer heat has started and for many of us here in British Columbia without air conditioning that means some warm nights !

Families are often wondering how they can keep their little ones cool and get them a restful sleep during those warm summer months.

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Summer Sleeping Tips

  • Keep blackout curtains or blinds drawn in the afternoon to keep out the hot afternoon sun and keep the room cooler on those hot days. Open those windows in the early evening before you lay baby down to cool the room down.
  • Use a ceiling or stand up fan in your room. Make sure if using a standing fan not to point it directly a baby but instead point it slightly to the side and up.  This will prevent them from getting a chill or draft in the night from the fan.  Another tip is placing a bowl of ice or frozen water bottles in the room as it melts it helps to cool the room down.
  • Use natural materials such as bamboo or cotton for your bedding and pajamas. These fabrics are breathable and allow us to regulate our temperatures better. Stay clear of synthetic materials which can trap heat and over heat us.
  • Give your little one a bath or shower each night before bed with lukewarm to cool water. This can be very refreshing and cooling so they are going into their pjs and bed in a cooler state.
  • Check baby’s temperature before heading to bed yourself. The best way to assess baby’s temperature is by feeling the back of their neck.  If they are feeling sweaty or too hot you may want to remove a layer
  • Finally making sure everyone is hydrated well during the day leads to better regulating our heat and temperature.

Adjusting to that heat can be tricky for us but usually little ones are much more tolerant of the heat  Have more questions, send me a message or check out my Facebook Events to find my next local sleep clinic !

Sleep Consultant Jolan Holmes
Sleep Consultant Jolan Holmes
Jolan Holmes, B.A., E.C.E, R.C.C. and Certified Sleep Consultant lives in Anmore, BC with her husband and two beautiful boys. She has over 20 years experience supporting families and children with developmental, behavioural and mental health needs, as well as working specifically with little ones with sensory processing challenges and Autism. Jolan was certified as a Sleep Consultant through the Family Sleep Institute and trained as a Good Night Sleep Educator.

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