Travel Tips for Toddlers

When it comes to travel with toddlers I recommend the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time your child adheres to a nap and bedtime routine and 20% of the time, life happens. Travel, visiting family and friends, day trips and adventures with your child are a part of life. I encourage you to explore and travel with your child and have special time together. Traveling somewhere new provides an excellent sensory experience that is beneficial for your child’s development and for parents too.

You may find these travel tips for toddlers helpful:

1. Darken the room. Make the room dark with black out shades. GRO-Anywhere Blind makes great blackout shades for on the go. You can also borrow a blanket from your room and hangers with clips from the closet to keep the light out during naps. Blocking out light will also help protect an early bedtime.

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2. Bring your toddler’s sleep necessities. If your little one has a special blanket, lovie or stuffed animal – bring it with you on your trip. If they use a sleep sack at home, pack it. You may even consider bringing your toddler’s sheets that smell like the comfort of home which can help them sleep better while your away.

3. Use white noise. Traveling as a family can sometimes mean everyone shares a room. White noise is a great way to block out unwanted sounds and help your child fall asleep faster. HoMedics has one thats portable and small enough to stash in your suitcase. You can also ask the front desk for a fan, the sound will help soothe your little one to sleep. 

4. Stick to a schedule. There is things to do and people to see when your on the road but it’s certainly not as enjoyable with an overtired toddler. Carve out time for naps and an early bedtime so your whole family can enjoy the next morning’s activities.

Good Night Sleep Site Consultant
Good Night Sleep Site Consultant

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