The Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Kids yoga seems to be the after-school activity of choice these days and we couldn’t be more excited about this!

Yoga is such a healthy practice that benefits kids just as much as grown ups! Kids nowadays live in a world where they are bombarded by all sorts of media, messages, technology, and distracting overstimulation that makes it very challenging to focus, find stillness and sleep. Yoga has an abundance of benefits for kids! It helps improve balance, coordination, core strength, and flexibility. Kids develop better body awareness, their overall motor development improves, and it’s great for posture.

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When they feel good and strong in their bodies, kids are ready for more fun activities and more play! Plus, it aids in better circulation and flow of oxygen to their body. As for their brains, kids yoga can help increase their attention span, improve comprehension, better their information retention and memory, as well as expand their creativity and imagination! Yoga also teaches kids all sorts of beautiful lessons such as patience, teamwork, camaraderie, compassion, body appreciation, and so much more. Finally, yoga helps kids SLEEP! The overarching effect of yoga on the body/brain is its ability to assist in self-regulation. When we are able to regulate, we are better able to sleep. More sleep, better self-regulation and an overall calming effect – who doesn’t need more of that in their lives?!

Kids can start yoga at any age! It’s never too early or too late to start learning this magical practice. The children indeed are our future, and when they grow up valuing peaceful and healthy practices such as yoga, they will develop into peaceful and healthy individuals who will impact this world for the better. Now THAT’S a beautiful future.

Written by: Jessica Rosen, Founder of One Down Dog

For more information or to take a family yoga class head to: onedowndog.com

Good Night Sleep Site Consultant
Good Night Sleep Site Consultant

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