Four Tips on Moving your Toddler to a New Bedroom

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With baby number two on the way, I am prioritize moving my toddler into their new bedroom. Keeping the nursery for the new baby and making a fun new room for my toddler should be easy right? It is very common to feel lost and not sure how or when to make the move. You can find a bunch of articles on moving your toddler into a big kid bed, but what about a big kid room? I’ve shared some tips to help you with the transition below:

When to move your toddler into their new bedroom:

There are two ways you can go about this – moving them before the baby comes or after. I suggest you move your little one at least three months before the new baby arrives. One reason is your hands are going to be full with a busy toddler and newborn baby and moving furniture will seem like a daunting task. Another reason is it gives your toddler time to adjust long before baby comes and reduces the changes of any “room stealing” resentment towards the new baby. Since your newborn will likely be sleeping in your room for awhile, they have a lot of time before their little brother or sister is taking over their old space.

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The alternative is to make the move three months after baby has arrived. At this point your toddler has become used to the new baby and the changes that have come with it. 

Use familiar items in their new bedroom:

It can be very exciting to go out and fully decorate the new room for your toddler! However, it’s still a big change for them and making the room too different can be intimidating and a little scary. While it’s ok to have fun will it, keep familiar items in the room as well. Keep using your black out blinds, white noise, crib, favourite picture from their old room, books and stuffed animals. 

Let them become familiar with the new space:

You’ve probably spent a ton of time making sure the room is just perfect for your little one, before you make the final leap into the transition and move their crib in, allow them some time to get used to the room. Bring in some of their favorite toys to play with, read books in the chair, change diapers, and get dressed in the new rooms for a few weeks. Maybe even a little dance party?! This helps to build up that positive association with the room that will make their sleeping transition so much easier!

DO NOT move them into a big kid bed if they are not ready:

The biggest piece of their new room is their crib or bed. Just because their room is now a big kid room does not mean they are ready for a big kid bed. Depending on the age of your child and if they still fit in their crib, you can keep them in their! Don’t worry that big kid bed will be here before you know it! Make sure to check out our crib to bed transition blog to see if your little one is ready or not. 

Keep your schedule and routine 

New room – same routine! Staying consistent with your bedtime routine and your sleep schedule will help to keep the transition soothe. There is a lot of excitement and changes happening but sticking to the schedule will make the room transition and the new baby transition go much smoother! One new baby arrives and you are doing bedtime for multiple children you will be happy you have a system in place!

When it comes it comes to adding a new baby into your family there are a lot of different things to plan and consider.  If your toddler is struggling with sleep before new baby arrives, now is a great time to get them onto a schedule and work through those problems. Reach out for help with the room transition, crib to bed transition, new bedroom, or sleeping through the night and getting on a solid nap schedule! We are always here to help!

Good Night Sleep Site Consultant
Good Night Sleep Site Consultant

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