Six Tips to Help Your School-Aged Child Sleep Better in the Heat

Tips to beat sleeping in the heat! Child lying in bed with eye mask as viewed from above.

When things begin to warm up in the summer, we can sometimes have trouble sleeping in the heat. This can be especially true if your living space does not have air conditioning. Many parents wonder how to dress their baby in the warmer months, but what about older kids? How do we choose the right bedding? What are some things that we can do to help keep their bedroom cool? 

Here are some things you can do to ensure your child is feeling cool and as comfortable as they can be during the warmer months.

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Pay attention to the temperature

Good sleep starts with the right sleep environment. The ideal temperature for sleeping is approximately 20-22 degrees celsius, or 68-72 degrees fahrenheit. We all sleep better when it’s slightly cooler in our bedroom. Unfortunately, many do not have the luxury of central air conditioning in their home. There are some steps you can take to cool down your child’s bedroom, even if you do not have air conditioning.

 Darken the room

We know that using blackout curtains can help your child sleep better, as the darkness will help in the production of melatonin. Did you know they can also help cool a room down? During the day, keep the curtains closed, or cover the windows. This will help block the sunlight from coming in and will keep the room cool.

Use a fan to move the heat

A fan will help circulate the air and create a cool breeze. If your child’s bedroom has a ceiling fan, turn it on during the night at an appropriate speed. Make sure the fan is moving counterclockwise. This will push air down to create a cool breeze. If you do not have a ceiling fan, a portable floor fan will work as well. Lie in your child’s bed to see how much the fan is blowing at them, and move it to an appropriate position so they don’t get too cold. 

Dress appropriately and use the right bedding

You want to make sure you dress your child in lightweight pajamas. Bamboo and cotton are the best materials. They allow breathability and allow us to regulate our temperature. Try having your kiddo sleep in shorts and a t-shirt if they are comfortable with it, as opposed to long pants and long sleeved shirts.

Bamboo and cotton are also the best materials for bedding. Get a lightweight sheet and blanket set that is specific to summer so your child can stay cool at night. Before bed, show your child how to tuck themselves in and how to remove their blanket and use the sheet only if they are too hot during the night.

Take a bath

Having a bath before bed can help cool your child down and regulate their temperature. Keep the water warm or slightly cool, but not cold. Alternatively, a cool cloth on their face and/or body can help cool them down a bit before bed. Make sure they are dry before putting on their pajamas. 

Stay hydrated

Finally, it’s important to keep your kids hydrated during the day. This will help them keep their temperature regulated. Sometimes a fun new water bottle can help your child stay interested in drinking water. Let them decorate it with stickers or something fun! Make sure that water is always available to them during the day, especially when they are playing outside.

Adjusting to the heat can be difficult, but following these tips can help keep your school-aged child cool and sleeping well at night.

Sleep Consultant Jenny Peach
Sleep Consultant Jenny Peach

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