Our tweens and teens are losing out on quality sleep because of tech and social media. Sleep Expert Alanna McGinn interviews social networking safety expert Paul Davis on how parents can navigate the world of social media for our children to help them sleep better at night. If you have a tween or teen entering the world of social media this isn’t an episode you want to miss. You are going to walk away with so many takeaways from how to help monitor and manage your kid’s internet use, what you need to know about your child’s social media, and Paul’s top tips and recommendations all the way to the very end of the episode!

Paul has worked +27years in Information Technology, he has sold security software to the Federal Government of Canada, and implemented Remote Systems Access Solutions for the Fortune 100. Many of you may know him from his popular school presentations having spoken in front of 560, 000 students, over 80,000 parents, is hired by top corporate organizations to speak including Ottawa’s department of national defence, Ontario Provincial Police, and top school boards. You can also see him as a social networking media expert on Breakfast Television, Global News, and CBC Radio.

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Paul Davis – Social Networking Safety


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