As your child gets older you may think that sleep issues are behind you but our children, tweens, and teens can still struggle with sleep. More and more of our older children are finding it harder and harder to fall asleep at night and the sleep struggles vary.

  • Is your child or teen suddenly unable to fall asleep at night or perhaps they have been struggle with wakeful bedtimes for a while?
  • Are they needing you to help them fall asleep and bedtime is getting pushed out later and later, and is now full of frustrations and battles?
  • Are fears and anxieties the reason why your child is struggling with falling asleep at night?
  • Is he or she waking up frequently throughout the night and unable to fall back to sleep?
  • Is your child or teen showing excessive daytime sleepiness and increased moodiness and irritability.
  • Are you concerned that your child’s lack of sleep is now affecting their social environment, school grades, employment, and extra-curricular activities?
  • Do you feel that your child or teen needs to improve their overall sleep habits and sleep hygiene, and you need professional guidance to help you both get there?

Good Night Sleep Site’s Certified Sleep Consultants are able to help you and your child sleep better and learn healthy sleep habits. Our child, tween, and teen sleep program focusing on the ages of 8 years old to teens is a personal one-on-one consultation program where you and your child will be working with a Good Night Sleep Site educator to help your child achieve the healthy sleep that they need.

With our new child and teen sleep program parents and children will be learning:

  • How to establish proper sleep skills and sleep hygiene to help your child sleep better and more restfully at night.
  • How to help your child fall asleep on their own without fears and anxieties at bedtime.
  • How to establish an age appropriate bedtime routine with the right sleep environment to encourage the healthiest sleep possible for your child.
  • How to conduct a proper family sleep meeting discussing the right sleep rules and expectations for both you and your child.
  • And you’ll receive oodles and oodles of printables and takeaways from relaxation techniques, sleep products that work, teachable information on drowsy driving, and bedtime activities that can combat fears and anxieties, down to monster’s in the closet.

In other words – you and your child will become your own sleep expert and both of you will be able to learn the amazing healthy sleep habits that he or she will have for a lifetime!

Is your Sleep Consultant going to work with my family values and needs?

Your Good Night Sleep Consultant listens to your family values and beliefs and works with your family to arrange a sleep plan for your child that you are completely comfortable with. Your Good Night Sleep Site Consultant is certified and held to the standards of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants of which our Founder, Alanna McGinn is a Director. Wondering if you should hire a Good Night Sleep Site sleep consultant? We provide you with the information you need to know here.

Are you ready to make the right choice in making sleep a priority for your family? We at Good Night Sleep Site are looking forward to helping your child become the healthy sleeper that you have been dreaming about.

Kid to Teen Sleep Training Package

Two Week Package

  • • One (1) 90-minute Phone Consultation/Skype/or Facetime Consultation
  • • Personalized Online Daily Sleep Log with option for both parent and child to participate in.
  • • 3 follow-up phone calls (15 minute each)
  • • Bonus Downloads and Worksheets
  • • Unlimited Email/Text Message Support