Episode 7: Guest – Catherine McCord of Weelicious / Family Nutrition from Breakfast to Dinner

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Nutrition joins sleep as one of the pillars of health and Catherine McCord, founder of Weelicious joins Sleep Expert Alanna McGinn in this episode of This Girl Loves Sleep to share quick and easy nutrition tips to help us busy parents from breakfast to dinner! Alanna had the pleasure of working with Catherine and her [...]

Episode 6: Sleep Tool #1 – A Perfect Baby Sleep Environment

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Making sure our babies sleep in a safe, conducive, and consistent sleep environment is important and the first sleep tool in the Good Night Sleep Tool Kit. Sleep Expert Alanna McGinn explains how creating the perfect sleep sanctuary for your baby is the first step in your baby’s sleep plan. If you are creating a [...]

Episode 4: Forget Self-Soothing

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To self-soothe or not to self-soothe? You’ve read all about it, everyone is telling you to teach your baby to do it but is teaching your child to self-soothe what you really want to be doing? Family sleep expert Alanna McGinn shares her thoughts on the term self-soothing and tells you to forget trying to [...]

Episode 2: Getting Your Child ‘Sleep’ Ready for Kindergarten

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Buying school supplies and backpacks isn’t all you need to get your child ready for their first day of Kindergarten. It can be hard on your Kindergartener to suddenly go from daily napping and quiet time to a full day of playing and learning. I share my top sleep tips on how you can best [...]

Episode 1: When to Start Sleep Training

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Since this is Episode 1 I thought it was fitting to have the first episode be on the question I’m asked everyday by many of you and that is When Should I Start Sleep Training? First though I bring it back to where I began and talk a little about my own experience with sleep [...]