Make Bedtime Sweet for Your Little Valentine

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Making bedtime special for your child and being slightly different from the norm can help make going to bed less of a struggle and a little more seamless for your toddler. While you should leave out the heart shaped chocolates, Valentine's Day is a great night to let the creativity fly at bedtime. If your [...]

Good Night’s Response to Recent Toddler and Bedtime Study

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  Written by Good Night Consultant Amanda Pascoe There’s a recent study to do with sleep all over scientific and parenting sites right now. The idea is that parents put their children to bed too early which causes night waking and restlessness. For anyone who has wrestled with the ‘just one more story/glass of water/kiss [...]

3 Ingredients to Cure the Toddler Sleep Holiday Hangover

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The Holidays are over and things are starting to settle.  While our normal routine is starting to fall back into place, something may seem slightly off.  That something is your toddler and it’s a tale I hear far too often after this busy merry season.  Gatherings were had and new toys were played with, and [...]