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Getting Your Toddler Sleeping – When It’s Time to Transition Naps

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The one question I get asked the most in regards to getting your toddler sleeping is how and when do I transition naps. Naps are one of the most important fundamentals of healthy sleep and sleeping through the night in infants and toddlers. Sleep equals sleep and the better rested a child is throughout the day the better [...]

Toddler Sleep Help: Is it okay to use a night light?

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Wondering if It's Okay to Use a Night Light for Your Toddler? It’s night time. You’re in a deep slumber. Your child is sleeping soundly. All is right with the world. Or so you thought. If you’ve ever been woken in the middle of the night by a scared child, you may have asked yourself [...]

Toddler Behaviour Issues – Sleep Issues Can Be The Cause

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Are Your Toddler Behaviour Issues Due to Missed Sleep? We all know that not getting enough sleep can turn the sweetest kid into a whining, irritable shadow of himself the next day (the same also applies to a lot of adults). A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics (JAMA [...]

Four C’s of Setting Limits – Banish Toddler Bedtime Sleep Struggles

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We’ve dealt with the biggies in Part 1 and 2 of Toddler Sleep Help. Part 3 will be discussing how we need to set limits with your toddler while implementing what I have already discussed. Setting limits can be the biggest struggle and for most of my parents toddler bedtime sleep struggles can be hard! I often ask parents to step back and [...]

Toddler Sleep Help – How to Sleep Through The Night

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In Part 1 of Toddler Sleep Help I discussed the importance of early bedtimes and bedtime routines. Important components in healthy toddler sleep. Part 2 of our discussion will be focused on what happens with your child once you leave the room. Associations like the pacifier, sleeping in his bed, him sleeping in yours, and rocking him until [...]

Early Bedtime and Bedtime Routines for Your Toddler

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What if I told you there are steps you can take to eliminate nightly bedtime battles before you even leave your child's bedroom? Part 1 of Toddler Sleep Help explains how practicing an early bedtime and consistent bedtime routine can help eliminate common bedtime struggles associated with toddler sleep issues. Early Bedtime is Necessary It's [...]

The 18 Month Sleep Regression – The toughest nut to crack…

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  If you’re a parent of a toddler, by now you are likely a sleep regression expert. First came the 4 month sleep regression. Then the 8-10 month. And as if those weren’t enough, your 18 month old will most likely be experiencing yet another sleep regression. Unfortunately, this one tends to be one of [...]

Bedtime Crafts for Halloween

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Scare away the bad dreams with these bedtime crafts for Halloween With Halloween around the corner, the theme is everything ghoulish. In stores and your child’s school ghosts and witches are being hung on the walls, and even your child’s favourite cartoon character is celebrating the scary holiday. Suddenly things start going bump in the [...]

The 1 Thing You Must Do When Starting Daycare

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When I'm asked "my child is starting daycare, what should I do?" the one piece of advice I give is make bedtime earlier for the first few weeks. You have to understand that when we go through major transitions we could all use some extra sleep. When our little ones are getting adjusted to a [...]

Make Bedtime Smarter When Heading Back to School

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During the school year heading to bed at a decent time and getting a good night’s sleep is important for children. A well-rested child will display better cognitive ability, a more pleasant mood and temperament, and a stronger immune system. While an important component of proper sleep hygiene is to follow a consistent and soothing [...]