Is Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder Affecting Your Sleep?

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Mood certainly effects your sleep, and vice versa. In November we wrote a blog post that addressed sleep and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and what you can do to help make it through our long and dark winters. On the flip side, did you know that for some people SAD is more of an issue [...]

3 Reasons Why The Holiday Season Disrupts Your Sleep

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There is no denying that the holiday season brings lots of opportunity for joy, family fun and laughter. But don’t be fooled, the festive season also delivers a perfect storm that challenges your ability to sleep well, while also making it difficult to catch up on lost sleep. The result is lingering fatigue and compromised [...]

Most Popular Posts to Sleep Better in 2017

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Thank you for using Good Night Sleep Site as a resource for your family's sleep health. We strive to offer a variety of content that can help babies, little kids, big kids and adults sleep better and achieve better overall health. We are so pleased to know that so many families rely on Good Night Sleep [...]

A Control Freak’s Journey With Infertility

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When the two lines don't bring joy and excitement, they bring fear. I wanted what many women want. I wanted it all, the career, the husband, the house with the white picket fence. Most of all I wanted children. Just two. Two to two and a half  years apart. Did I have the names picked [...]

How To Make It Easier For Your Child To Fall Asleep

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It can be tough to fall asleep with the day’s worries on your mind. The same can be said for our children. Perhaps it was a disagreement they had with a friend that day, or a subject at school they are struggling with. Maybe their upcoming hockey tournament is keeping them up at night, or [...]

Helping Your Anxious Child Fall Asleep And Be Ready For School

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It is so important for your child to start off a new school year well-rested. A well-rested child will display better cognitive abilities, a more pleasant mood and temperament as well as a stronger immune system. But even if you are making sure that your child’s sleep environment and bedtime are appropriate, that doesn’t always [...]

How To Meditate To Sleep Better

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If you’re like the average North American, your life is stressful and busy and it’s taking a toll on your sleep. The more things on our mind at bedtime, the less likely we are to have a good night’s sleep. The less rested we are, the more stress negatively affects us – it’s a vicious [...]

Postpartum Sleep Support – Moms Need Sleep Too

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Adjusting to life with a new baby isn’t easy. In fact it can be downright overwhelming at times. Nobody expects to get their pre-baby sleeping habits back, but the popularity of the postpartum sleep support #zombiemoms hashtag on social media illustrates that there are a lot of new moms who aren’t getting enough sleep to [...]

Bedtime Crafts for Halloween

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Scare away the bad dreams with these bedtime crafts for Halloween With Halloween around the corner, the theme is everything ghoulish. In stores and your child’s school ghosts and witches are being hung on the walls, and even your child’s favourite cartoon character is celebrating the scary holiday. Suddenly things start going bump in the [...]

Video – Helping Your Child Sleep With Anxiety

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It can be difficult for our children to sleep with anxiety. Often excessive worry and 'busy brain' syndrome can keep them up at night or make it difficult to fall back to sleep when they wake up. Alanna McGinn, sleep consultant from Good Night Sleep Site interviews Laurel Crossley on how we can help our [...]