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Tricia Cabral lives in Brampton, Ontario with her husband and two young children. She has always been fascinated by sleep, as she experienced many challenges with her own children. Determined to help her family sleep better, she began researching everything related to sleep. She became sleep obsessed and knew there were resources available to help her.

Tricia tried everything to get her second child, her daughter, to sleep through the night but quickly became discouraged. She reached out to a sleep consultant, and learned her daughter had many sleep associations. Working with a sleep consultant, helped her understand the importance of natural sleep rhythms, timings and staying consistent. Only a few weeks later, she was able to untangle all of the habits that had formed over the course of a year, and her daughter was finally able to sleep independently.

In 2022, she was Certified by the Family Sleep Institute as a Sleep Consultant and has started her new career with the Good Night Sleep Site. She is excited to work with families all over the world and is passionate about helping families in reaching their sleep goals!

Sleep training does not mean that there is only one method to be successful. She believes parents have the ability to choose a sleep training method that is best suited to their family’s needs. There is no one “right” method and it is completely dependent on the family’s needs, values and desires. She will provide you with the resources to move forward to handle transitions, naps, bedtime routines and any adjustments to current schedules. Tricia will personalize a sleep plan just for your family. She enjoys assisting others in any way she can, and she would be honoured to assist you and your child in establishing healthy sleep habits.

You can follow Tricia on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on all things sleep. Remember you are not alone and there is always support available. Reach out for your discovery call.

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