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Kristen Anderson is a Child Sleep Consultant serving communities of the Grand River and beyond. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Business and specialized in Leadership & Organizational Management. Kristen followed her passion for helping children by obtaining her certification in Child Sleep Consulting through the Family Sleep Institute.

After months of dancing and bouncing her daughter to sleep and keeping the motion going for hours, Kristen was desperate to get her overtired daughter some quality sleep, but was terrified of her inheriting the same nighttime anxiety and sleep issues she had faced since childhood. Thus began her journey to bring about restorative sleep for her baby without compromising her values as a parent or her daughter’s bond with her. She worked with a sleep consultant to address her own daughter’s sleep battles, fell in love with the difference it made in her family’s life, and became dedicated to becoming a Child Sleep Consultant that values each parent’s individual philosophies and their child’s biological nature in her sleep support.

Kristen knows all too well the heartache that comes with wanting to improve your child’s sleep but being overwhelmed by contradictory sleep advice. Kristen builds each family a customized child sleep plan that reflects their preferred parenting style and the temperament of their child. She will support you in the implementation of appropriate child sleep habits and provide you with tips and information to strengthen your child’s age-appropriate sleep abilities.

Kristen enjoys being a member of the Brant Haldimand Norfolk community. When Kristen is not helping little ones sleep, she spends time at her family cottage on Conestogo Lake, attending the St. Jacob’s market, visiting shops in Elmira and practicing mindfulness through yoga practices and meditation.

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