Helping Families Bring Back Bedtime

Kristen Anderson

Kristen Anderson lives in Brantford with her daughter, fiance and four fur babies. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Business and specializing in Leadership & Organizational Management, Kristen followed her passion for working with children and their loved ones by obtaining her certification in Child Sleep Consulting through the Family Sleep Institute.

Kristen’s daughter would not nap for more than 30 minutes on a good day and only slept deeply for a few hours at night. She was either danced to sleep or bounced on a yoga ball. She would wake if the motion stopped. Kristen assumed this would improve with time as age appropriate. As time went on, Kristen sought a solution that would get her infamous 30 minute napper the sleep she needed without compromising her daughter’s bond with her – Kristen experienced a childhood full of nighttime anxiety and sleep issues, she was determined to not allow her daughter to follow in her footsteps.

Being able to share her knowledge and abilities with the loved ones of infants, toddlers and kids makes her heart happy as she knows just how debilitating it is to be a household struggling with sleep & drowning in contradictory sleep advice.

Certified by the Family Sleep Institute and trained as a Good Night Sleep Site Educator Kristen creates customized child sleep plans with respect to your parenting style and the child’s personality. She will support you in the implementation of your child’s sleep goals and guide you through tools to strengthen your child’s age-appropriate sleep abilities.

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