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Working with children and families has always been a passion for Nicole. As a child, she was always seen carrying around a baby doll and became the go-to babysitter as she became a teenager. It was no surprise when she pursued school counseling and then left that path to stay home with her own daughters.

It was her oldest that led her to pursue sleep consulting. Her daughter stopped napping at 2 years old and Nicole felt she was too young to drop her nap but was not sure how to navigate this transition. She learned this nap strike is normal developmentally and it does not signal the end of naps. She learned to offer rest time anyways and use an extra early bedtime on days her daughter did not nap. The use of an early bedtime felt magical and like something she wanted to share with other parents going through similar situations.

Nicole was certified through the Family Sleep Institute in 2021 and implemented all she learned with her second child. Nicole has been helping families reach their sleep goals since and loves that she is able to combine her counseling background with all that she has learned about sleep.

As a parent, Nicole recognizes the need for rest for our kids but ourselves as well. Her daughter’s sleep schedules allow her time to rest and reset. She wanted this gift for all families and loves being able to help families with unique sleep situations. Living in Chicago (or any city) presents its own challenges; we are often contending with small spaces, room sharing, noisy streets, and neighbors in close proximity. She understands the nuance of living in the city and helps families find a sleep solution that works for them.

Nicole lives with her family in the Chicago area, but, working virtually she has been able to help families throughout the midwest. When life in the city moves a little too fast Nicole can travel to the suburbs such as Evanston, Naperville, Schaumburg, and Aurora and enjoys exploring Chicagoland.

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