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Laura, your London Ontario Sleep Consultant knows what happens when we assume things, but she said she is going out on a limb and making some assumptions anyway.

She assumes there are a few things that brought you here. Either you’re expecting a baby and you would like to avoid the sleep deprivation horror stories you often hear about. Or you’ve had that baby and now you are exhausted, frustrated and feeling like you’re failing at this “parenting thing”.

She knows this because she has been in your shoes. When Laura and her husband had their first little guy, they were unable to get him to fall asleep. No amount of bouncing, rocking, or feeding could get him to fall asleep and stay sleeping! They could see that their baby was tired (he had to be! He wasn’t sleeping and they weren’t either!), and they became desperate to help him (and themselves!) get the sleep he needed. They were frustrated because they could see that he was so tired but anything they tried, didn’t work.

Knowing that sleep is one of the pillars of health, they felt like they were failures when it came to parenting this adorable little guy… they couldn’t provide him with one of life’s most basic needs. They began talking with friends, reading articles online, purchasing books at the store and trying everything anyone suggested in hopes that something, anything, would help. Everything they read conflicted with friends’ and family’s suggestions. They would try something and get discouraged when they didn’t see results. Laura and her husband needed a clear plan to follow, no more guesswork, no more conflicting information!

As time went on, they sorted things out! Their little guy was sleeping, and they felt like new people- a couple that had time and patience for each other, patience and energy for their baby, a predictable schedule and routine in their day to day lives and best of all… a happy, healthy and well-rested baby to enjoy!

Laura turned to her husband and said “we can’t let other parents go through what we did! Sleep deprivation is something no one should ever have to endure…” and that is what lead her on the journey to obtain a certification in sleep consulting with the Family Sleep Institute and joining the Good Night Sleep Site team.

You may recognize Laura from in-person events like: The Modern Mom Show and regular monthly sleep clinics at Snuggle Bugz London. You may have attended webinars presented by Scholars Choice as well as Middlesex EarlyON and EarlyON Muskoka where Laura spoke about sleep and fielded Q&A sessions. Laura loves to be active in the community of London Ontario and surrounding areas (St. Marys, Exeter, Lucan and more!) supporting as many families as she can.

Laura’s favourite part about being a sleep consultant is hearing the ways that family’s lives change when they are getting the rest they need. Often times our little ones will suddenly reach big milestones, develop a greater vocabulary, and have positive personality changes. We all need sleep in order to thrive and Laura is in her element when she is helping families get that sleep!

When Laura isn’t busy supporting tired families as they reach their sleep goals, she enjoys time by the water (beach, lake, pond, stream, any water!), walks with her family, campfires, and relaxing with her husband on the deck. It is also not unheard of to find Laura spending a few hours at Indigo scoping out her next good read!

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Laura Malbrecht

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