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I’m Ali Lazar, a certified child sleep consultant in Los Angeles, California. My passion for sleep started when my preemie baby had trouble sleeping through the night. I was up holding him every hour, on the hour, night after night. It felt as if we were the only ones up in the world and I felt alone, even though I had this beautiful baby in my arms. I walked around like a zombie every morning, feeling unable to enjoy the day with him due to my severe exhaustion. The process of teaching my new baby how to sleep felt daunting and I wasn’t sure where to turn for help. After countless sleepless nights (and the darkest circles under my eyes!), I went on a quest to learn how to help my son sleep better. He’s now 4 years old, happy and healthy. We both feel rested each morning and ready to take on the day together — which usually consists of us playing in the sand at Santa Monica beach, watching the dolphins, and eating popsicles! Looking back, I wish I had the support of Good Night Sleep to guide me and answer all of my questions. 

In 2020 I received a certification as a Child Sleep Consultant from the well-renowned Family Sleep Institute. I work with families in the greater Los Angeles area, virtually, in the comfort of their homes. I specialize in helping children sleep from 4 months old to 6 years old. With each family I keep in mind their parenting philosophy and comfort level as I customize a one of a kind sleep plan for their child. We are all better parents when we are well rested and I looking forward to supporting you and your little one(s) on your sleep journey. 

Ali Lazar

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