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Heidi Novak always knew she wanted to work with children and families from a young age. It took many years to find out exactly how her knowledge and passion would be able to help so many families; that is, until she became a mother herself.

Like many mothers, Heidi experienced child sleep struggles firsthand with her two children. Heidi knew she needed help as she had postpartum blues after having her daughter. Connecting with Good Night Sleep Site was life changing. Having another mom on the other end of the phone acknowledging the difficulties new parents face, ensuring it was normal, and explaining exactly how she could help, was so comforting. Her daughter’s sleep changed dramatically in only a few days and Heidi knew that she wanted to help others through this life changing experience.

Heidi lives in Afton Minnesota with her husband, two children, and their golden retriever. They live on acreage near the St. Croix River and enjoy the solitude of being surrounded by pine trees. Heidi’s family loves spending their time outdoors whenever possible. Hiking, kayaking, biking and camping are just a few of their favorite outdoor activities. Whenever Heidi is not helping families get more sleep or taking care of her own children, she enjoys the tranquility of tending to her vegetable garden. 

Heidi looks forward to supporting families with their sleep journeys and is looking forward to getting out and meeting the community. From Duluth to Rochester and the Twin Cities, she is ready to help you sleep better. Every family deserves good sleep and she can’t wait to help make that happen!

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