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Jennifer Gilman loves helping families as a sleep consultant in New Jersey. She helps families get the sleep they need. As a mom to two daughters, Jennifer has experienced sleep deprivation firsthand! The first bout of sleepless nights came with her firstborn, ten years ago.  She sacrificed all of her own needs and made every “mistake in the book.” She rocked her daughter to sleep, nursed her to sleep, and co-slept out of desperation. This martyring of herself took quite a toll on her day to day functioning and overall happiness. When her daughter was nine months old, she decided it was time to get sleep on track. And what a difference it made! Getting the sleep she needed helped Jennifer be the present, content mother she had always imagined she’d be. It also helped her daughter thrive. Jennifer had much more success with her second daughter’s sleep. But during her daughter’s toddler years, experienced a big sleep regression that led her to hiring her own sleep consultant. Getting that support quickly fixed the toddler sleep regression they were experiencing, and also spurred Jennifer to pursue sleep consulting as a career.

Now a certified child sleep consultant in NJ and trained through the Family Sleep Institute, Jennifer loves being a part of the Good Night Sleep Site team. Jennifer has helped hundreds of families in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York City, Connecticut, and across the country. Nothing makes Jennifer happier than helping families achieve their sleep dreams. By supporting clients with a personalized sleep plan and daily communication via log, support calls, and texting, your family’s sleep success becomes Jennifer’s number one goal. Schedule your discovery call with Jennifer to discuss how she can support your family’s journey to healthy sleep.

Jennifer Gilman

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