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Kelly and her family have lived in Moraga, CA for the past 3 years. Prior to moving to Moraga her and her husband lived and worked in San Francisco for 13 years. Together they have three kids ages: 7, 5. and 2. Her personal experience with her own children are the reason she found and believes in Sleep Training. She has seen first hand how life changing the experience can be. 
Kelly serves families as a sleep consultant in the greater Bay Area and has worked with families in Lafayette, Orinda, Oakland, San Francisco, and all throughout Northern California and beyond.  Her extensive work with families has led her to the realization that creating a sleep plan for each family is a unique process.  She believes sleep training isn’t a one size fits all model.  Through developing an understanding of each families beliefs and goals Kelly is able to tune a specific plan that suits their individual needs.
Her experience ranges from children ages 20 weeks up to 5 years old.  She has helped families solve the following issues related to sleep: co-sleeping, short nappers, dropping night feedings, transitioning out of the basinette and into the crib, crib to big bed transition, helping toddlers stay in their beds at night, and the common toddler bedtime stalling as well as many more common sleep issues! 
Kelly loves to collaborate with local companies to help educate the importance of sleep and how each family can achieve their goals.  She’s taught sleep seminars locally including at The Lotus Method  – a women’s gym focused on pre and postnatal health. She is an active member in LaMorinda Families & LaMorinda Moms.  In addition to sleep training, she has a interest in a holistic lifestyle and holds a certification in integrative nutrition from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Kelly Kuchen

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