Sleep is everything.

We’re here to help you get more of it.

We're helping Simcoe County Sleep Better!

Are you absolutely exhausted and not sure how to get your baby to sleep through the night or to take naps? Most parents experience this very thing! Before baby comes we learn all about bathing, clothing, feeding, milestones and all the sleep we won’t get. It doesn’t have to be that way! Hiring a sleep consultant like myself (Jacqueline Wilson) can help! I am here to teach you all things sleep related whether your child is 5months old or 2 years old. Sleep is possible for both baby and the rest of the family!

I am working in Simcoe County helping families get the sleep they deserve. I work all the way from Bradford West Gwillimbury to Collingwood all the way up to Midland! I have parents from outside my region contact me as well and I can help any family anywhere in the world by building custom sleep plans that fit your family! I look forward to holding sleep clinics in Barrie and Orillia soon!


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