How To Help Your Child Overcome Fears And Worries At Bedtime

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It’s now 20 minutes past bedtime and your child is still giving you a laundry list of reasons about why they can’t go to sleep. “There are monsters in my room.” “I’m scared of bad guys.” “There are too many shadows in here.” “I’m afraid and I don’t want to be alone.” As a parent, [...]

How To Use Mindfulness To Stop The Negative Sleep Cycle

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You’re frustrated, drained, and can’t believe you’ve ended up here. Your kids are terrible sleepers and you’re left wondering what you did wrong or how you could have failed at teaching them this life skill. And you’re exhausted because if they aren’t sleeping well, neither are you. Are you ready for your child to sleep [...]

Will Your Family Sleep Better If You Eat Better?

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We’ve talked a before about sleep being one of the three pillars of good health. The other two being exercise and nutrition. While each pillar is equally important on their own, they work together to support optimum health. And yet many people are surprised to hear how much their diet and food choices can influence [...]

How to Stop Your Child From Bedtime Stalling

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There is so much discussion relating to sleep when it comes to babies and toddlers - getting them to sleep, helping them stay asleep, making sure they nap, making sure they get enough sleep at night, the list goes on! Of course, at Good Night Sleep Site, we love when new parents are so [...]

Top 6 Factors Affecting Teen Sleep

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Ready for some big revelations when it comes to teen sleep? In this blog post we’re breaking down the top six factors affecting teen sleep and what you can do about it. First of all, we want to start by saying that parents should approach teen sleep just as you may have approached sleep when [...]

Changing College And University Sleep Culture

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Here at Good Night Sleep Site, we’re big on sleep education. Not surprising, right? What is surprising though is how many people still don’t understand much about sleep – why it’s important, how it supports overall health, and that it can prevent illnesses from starting or getting worse. One group of people in particular that [...]

Don’t Forget About Your Back To School Sleep Shopping List

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We know, you’re probably not ready to talk back to school yet. Or maybe you are. Either way, in just a few short weeks, back to school mode will be in full swing and it will be time to get your family back to a more scheduled routine. We’ve talked before about how important it [...]

Helping Kids Sleep in Different Homes After Separation or Divorce

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After separation or divorce, children need time to get used to living between two homes and sleeping in different environments. During this period, they will need understanding and support from both parents to help them adjust to the changes but there are also a few practical things you can do as well to make their [...]

Balancing Life with Healthy Sleep for Your Child

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Once you’ve got your little one on solid footing with respect to having a healthy relationship with sleep, it can be challenging to test the waters and step away from the routine and schedule that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.  And really, when things are going well from a sleep perspective, who in their [...]

Tools To Help Your Child Sleep Better At Night

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It's probably no surprise to hear that our Good Night Sleep Site consultants are always working with new parents and teaching them how to get their baby the sleep they need. But did you know that we get just as many questions from parents with older kids asking for sleep help too? From birth to [...]