Getting your Napper Ready for Full Day Kindergarten

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Time goes by so fast, and before you know it, you are getting your little one ready for full day Kindergarten. This is a big transition for both child and parent. It’s certainly an exciting time, but there is the stress of change, and it can take time for your child to adjust to their [...]

Why You Need a Family Meeting and How to Create Your Family Sleep Rules

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Why You Need a Set of Family Sleep Rules When someone in the family isn’t sleeping well, it can affect everyone in the home. And while it’s one thing for babies and toddlers to have some trouble with sleep and bedtime, it’s another thing when your school-aged children are consistently having difficulty. That’s why I [...]

Is Your Child “Sleep” Ready for Sleep Away Camp?

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Signing up your child for their first week of sleep away camp is a big decision. Perhaps you went as a kid and want your own child to experience the same fun or maybe this is a new adventure for the both of you. While summer camp is a wonderful opportunity for your child to [...]

Why Your 8-12 Year Old Isn’t Sleeping

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It’s common for your 8-12 year old to start struggling with sleep. Often parents find their children at this age take longer to get to bed. Perhaps it’s taking them longer to fall asleep or suddenly they are showing bouts of anxiety and fear about going to bed alone. At this age, adequate sleep is [...]

Yoga For Kids And Parents

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It’s time for families to introduce yoga for kids and parents. If you’ve made yoga a part of your bedtime routine and are feeling the benefits of relaxation, why not also introduce it to your kids bedtime routine? You may notice that kids are natural yogis. They are far more flexible than most adults, and will [...]

20 Open Ended Questions For Kids

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We often talk about bedtime routines for our children and at any age we know that a consistent routine at bedtime sends cues to our brain that sleep is coming. As your child gets older communication may not flow between the two of you as it used to. Suddenly all you receive are one worded responses, if [...]

8 Steps to a Healthy Back to School Sleep Routine

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Get Your Kids Healthy Back to School Sleep The endless lazy summer days filled with family, sun, surf, and sand is fantastic. But it can also take away your family’s usual sleep routine. For two months, bedtimes are pushed out later, and morning lay-ins are the norm. It’s not surprising that when kids head back [...]

Ways to Help Teens Fall Asleep Easier and Wake Up Better

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Parents often struggle with helping teens fall asleep easier. Suddenly your teens bedtime becomes too late and no matter how many times you tell them to go to bed, your teen is often up well after you've gone to bed yourself. Once every few years, the topic of moving high school start times later pops [...]