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Magda is a certified sleep consultant based in Katy, TX who has 3 kids of her own and understands the many sleep challenges that families face through the years. In addition to her personal experience, she is certified through the Family Sleep Institute, an educational leader in child sleep consulting. Magda has worked with many clients all over the US and in the Texas region including Houston, Sugar Land, Cypress and Austin. Magda taught 1st grade for many years and has raised 3 great sleepers of her own, so she understands how sleep affects the brain and how important it is for normal development in all areas. She has held sleep clinics at various local establishments, including Hooray Playground in Katy where she is scheduled to hold sleep seminars for various age ranges.

As a former sleep rookie, she understands how overwhelming it can be to be faced with sleep issues you may not be equipped to handle. She offers her clients the peace of mind of a custom and structured sleep plan, support to motivate and instill confidence and accountability to follow through and be successful. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

One of her clients recently said “ We are so grateful to Magda for her help in creating more and better sleep for our whole family. Our little one used to wake up several times a night and would only nap in the carrier during the day, which meant he didn’t get great sleep and neither did we. Now he sleeps through the night and naps in his crib, and we are all much better rested! Magda gave us a clear plan, listened to our feedback and supported us all the way along. Thank you!”.

This is why Magda loves her job: You can be the next success story.

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Magda Jansen

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