Bed Wetting & Night Time Potty Issues

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Bed Wetting and Night Time Potty Issues At every age there is a new developmental milestone that can throw sleep right off track.  Potty training is a great one.  See my post on potty training and sleep.  In this post about potty training and sleep from a few years ago I spoke about not jumping into [...]

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Brush Your Teeth and Get to Bed

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Bedtime routines We spend a lot of time talking about the importance of having a calm, predictable bedtime routine filled with similar activities to help your child wind down and recognize cues that sleep time is coming.  Many people include nursing or a bottle as a part of that nice calm down routine and end [...]

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Lullaby and Goodnight

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Lullabies There are several things that play in to helping your children become good sleepers. One of these key elements is a calm wind down routine.  Familiar, calming wind down routines can encourage the body to produce melatonin (the sleep hormone).  These familiar routines will also give your baby/toddler cues that sleepy time is coming.  [...]

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“Roll Over Roll Over”

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My baby rolled over!!! Now What? As first time parents, any time your baby learns something new it is absolutely exciting and worth celebrating. When it came to my first daughter we practiced rolling over for weeks.  I would lay her on the floor any play games to encourage this new skill to develop.  We [...]

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Car Naps

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Car Naps We have travelled a lot this summer.  When you live in Northern Ontario it is pretty safe to say any car trip is going to be a long one.  Chances of your trip interfering with your nap time is pretty good.  Generally my advice for travelling is to try and ensure a good [...]

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The Transition to 1 Nap

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The 2-1 nap transition Lately I have had a lot of people asking me when their baby is ready to move from 2 naps to 1.   This nap transition is a pretty big one. Your baby is telling you they are able to have all their daytime sleep needs met through 1 period of time [...]

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Day/Night Confusion

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The arrival of my new nephew has me thinking non-stop about newborns!   Those first few months are hard!! At this very early stage sleep patterns are not organized because biological sleep rhythms simply do not exist. Often this is when you will hear parents say the baby has its days and nights mixed up. I [...]

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Sleep Training Terminology

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Sleep Training Terminology Along with my work as a sleep consultant, I also work as a social worker in a hospital.  When I first started at the hospital I felt like I was learning a whole new language.  All of the medical terminology was so new to me.  I now spit out terms without thinking [...]

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